Angry Aspie


Dribble the noxious liquid over her desperate lips

Scream farewells to the history that fucked her

Inky fingers constructing a story

A thousand glorious fuck yous

Staring at the tiny world around her

Questions leak around her brain

Why oh why am I even here?

Witnessing the world put under strain

Lucky four leaf clover

Torn to pieces by the foolish

Eager hands speedy to make more funds

Mindless freaks seeking last resources

Spacey hallucinations of worlds crashing

Futuristic folks casually head bashing

Stupid rhythms with silly beats

A load of stink, brain fed daily

Flying cars sound appealing to some

Abuse this planet and hope for a new one

These ‘clever’ fucks got it all wrong

Leave the world be and let’s push to get along


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