Damaged Romance

In your pretty fucked up planet do unicorns exist?

Or is it just those sparkly zebras..

Is your idea of love a speedy roller-coaster ride?

Ups and downs, yet your still quick to run and hide..


In your euphoric state of mind filled with kaleidoscope fuckery

Do I show face? In those petty dreams you dream..

Is your idea of love a beaten body whenever I fuck up?

Talk that shit like that’s what love does..


In that castle you fantasize over with the big pumpkins and jewels

Do I ever meet the needs? Or am I still that clueless fool?

Is your idea of love a bank full of money?

Fuck me over then keep me sweet like honey..


In that little black book you hide away, is it still intimacy your seeking?

Or a waiting game for the pages to fill themselves..

Is your idea of love a quickie here and there?

Add up the numbers and compare..


In your silly image of paradise, did I really exist?

Lets be honest it was never hugs and kisses..

Was your idea of love an appealing thought at the time?

Absorb my energy, Heartless lies and abuse my mind?


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