Truth Is In The Cheese


In those beautiful bluey eyes…

           You see a universe spilling her beauty

            A clear path with a million possibilities

           No room for negativity


 Your warm energy is so inviting

            Twist and hold my fingers tightly

            Kiss my lips with the deepest passion and

            Slow dance my tongue with great satisfaction


            I already know I’ll never want to let you go

            The future feels harmless with you close by

            Those dark colours that painted my days are now in the past

            Living happily ever after with you at last


            With easy grace you extinguished the furious flames and

            Filled life with a blue coolness

            What we have isn’t like typical chemistry

            It’s a constant journey to a pretty mystery


 Throw anything at me and I’ll overcome it

             With the strength and fight you’ve given me

             Life isn’t always going to be easy baby..

             But with you by my side I’ll conquer it bravely..


7 thoughts on “Truth Is In The Cheese

  1. whoa. That is a severe attack on my linear logical brain. It doesn’t make sense to me, to me it’s jumbled phrases that i need to try and understand one by one. Doesn’t compute, Doesn’t compute, Doesn’t compute (robot voice)

    1. Haha! I have a tendency to write poems this way, I love hidden meanings etc…

      This one in particular is quite personal so I didn’t expect many to grasp it straight away 😉

      I do hope you can understand it better though 😀

    1. Thank you Sherri 🙂 Haha I’m glad you got the idea of it 😀 I’ve had great feedback from the ladies in particular on this one 😉 how are things at home now and the breakup? x x x

      1. Maria, so sorry I’m only just replying to your reply! Don’t know why I missed this, so much going on probably! Yes, I can tell that some good things are happening in your life right now my lovely girl… 😉
        Things are moving on, my son is doing a little better day by day thank you, and we are all getting back on track but it will take some time. Small steps…
        I really appreciate you asking. Have a lovely day Maria 🙂 xxx

    1. Haha let me know what The Medic thinks 🙂 I really enjoyed reading The Rose, I loved it 😀 Have a lovely weekend, will reply to you on Facebook soon x

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