A Slow Dance

the slow beautiful riff wakes me from a misty reverie

and it’s him that I see, the release, now free

falling back to earth, into his blanket of calm

grey pebbled shores and sea lights

surround me, inviting me along for the mystery


the world around us starts to swirl into a kaleidoscope of colours

gazing deeper into blue eyes, leading the way, stepping in squares

a soft melody takes over our entwined minds and encourages

our bodies to sway, into the pink night, Shepard’s delight

the darkness makes an entrance, the story ends


the dawn chorus causes her to stir from a forgotten dream

for a moment she lays peacefully, thanking the sun

for a beautiful day and a perfect love so precious

wishing for infinite time and light along their path

 until their hearts can beat no longer


– Maria Series.


5 thoughts on “A Slow Dance

  1. That video was absolutely amazing. Very, very awesome. Inspiring. Peaceful. It helped charge my battery. It really did. Then the words that followed. Perfect. Like the music and video was a backdrop for the words to take over. The three intertwining like a vine growing up and around a strong tree. And that’s how life should be. A good three minute journey that you do not want to depart from. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired.

      1. Lovely thanks Maria, with my boys, awwwww. So glad that you did too! I see that you have given me another little gift..I will reply now and thank you so much. Have a super week 🙂 xoxoxooxx

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