Mogwai – Royal Festival Hall 25/01/14

My weekends are always fun with Blue….

This weekend in particular was just mind blowing. One of my birthday presents from Blue were tickets to see Mogwai live in London. After seeing Peace live I couldn’t wait to see these guys perform too. I was quite anxious about the trip to London as being in busy areas for a long amount of time really exhausts me but, to be honest it wasn’t too bad!

On the Saturday we set off for London and made it to our hotel in time for a wander around the Borough Market, a food market, which was quite interesting as I’ve never been to one. After going our seperate ways (Blue wanted to watch the football match) I went back to our room to get ready for the concert with a bottle of wine, to relax me a little for the expected crowded area.

Once we started taking a stroll down the River Thames towards the Royal Festival Hall it wasn’t long before we arrived at this great building. Luckily arrived after the crowds descended in to the venue, we had time to grab some more alcohol *covers face* and took the opportunity of taking tipsy-ish selfies on the balcony.

Around 20:30 we took our seats and waited for Mogwai to perform. Having never seen an instrumental band live I really didn’t know what to expect but as soon as they started to play I was awe of their talent. If it wasn’t for my trips to the ladies throughout (damn alcohol) I would of literally been glued to the seat. Their songs vibrated through every space in the giant hall and basically toyed with all of my emotions. The songs were played so beautifully and it felt quite overwhelming at times that I could cry. I didn’t even want them to finish playing!

After an epic evening they had to end at some point and when they did it just summed up my whole day as perfection. Spending quality time with my charmingly sweet boyfriend and doing something we both enjoy together. We ended up taking a drunken stumble arm in arm back to our room and discussed in detail our love for each other (always topic of conversation after a few drinks).

Some time later we arrived back to our home for the night. That was all I could remember. The next moment we realise it’s the morning and our head’s are pounding 😦 The dreaded journey home on a train full of people was the last thing I wanted to do but, it had to be done. Even though I could of easily spent the whole day in bed with my love, just having Blue’s company on the way back was enough to lift my spirits and made the depressing journey home worth enduring.

I can never express how much I care for Blue accurately, it never comes close. This weekend (and many others) has been so perfect and it’s all thanks to my blue eyed beauty for constantly making me happy. πŸ˜€

P.S sorry guys if this is poorly written…. I am very tired and have tried to post this as quickly as possible πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Mogwai – Royal Festival Hall 25/01/14

  1. Wow, these are so amazing! It sounds like a pretty amazing day overall although some parts were hard. I have found my own Blue (well, different but similar) and I can’t wait to tell you more of him.

    1. Thanks Anna πŸ™‚

      Yeah it was a great weekend away πŸ™‚ As hard as it can be doing new things it’s not so bad when I’m with someone who understands etc!

      Ahhh I can not wait to hear about your Blue!!! Email??? πŸ™‚

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