The fierce gush takes her shallow breath

Leaving her helpless, confused and dazed

As the aggressive wave seals her fate

Her ears hear no more and her eyes start to glaze


Waking up in a abyss of turquoise tones

She floats and tastes of salt

Soaking up the exhilarating feeling of being alone

Yet curious of this brutal assault


The beam of light is too high to reach

Like every goal in life she failed to climb

If only her shitty existence was spent on beaches

Isolation and suffocation will do in the mean time


With no hope of resurfacing she can only dream

A darkness looms over her

Her heartbeat slowly fades out, she screams

Bubbles escape and leave her struggling after

-Maria Series.


7 thoughts on “Drowning

      1. am alright thanks plodding on, trying to push my twitch stream viewers up, but i ain’t got a regular streaming schedule setup yet

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