Day Out at The British Museum

I had a great time this weekend..

Ten Inch Birds - William de Morgan
Ten Inch Birds – William de Morgan

Saturday 15th

Blue & I went to London on Saturday to check out The British Museum. After becoming members we were able to visit the Inca Gold and Viking exhibitions for free. Once we made it through the busy tubes and streets we found our way and saw a great building with swarms of people everywhere. Usually I’d feel panicky but I’m not sure what it is about London but I love everything about it, maybe because everyone keeps to themselves and aren’t so interested in the people around them. Don’t get me wrong I did feel slightly uncomfortable but I told myself it’s only one day!

Entering the museum wasn’t pleasant for me, it was very stuffy especially with the greenhouse effect windowed ceiling in the main hall but, once we wandered into the exhibitions it was cooler *phew*. The Inca Gold caught my eye as I’ve never really educated myself on it before so it was quite insightful. I also loved the little figures made out of gold and the masks.

When it came to the Viking exhibition, it was very busy, so we made our way nearer the exit and only viewed the last section. Whilst standing over a gigantic Viking boat Blue told me how proud he was of me handling the crowds so well which felt so good to hear considering I felt quite proud myself 😀 We will go back in the summer to see the rest and check out other galleries etc..

After purchasing some postcards we left the museum and headed for Wardour Street in hope of reaching an outdoorsy pub for a much needed drink. We came across a small one with people drinking outside so we got ourselves a cool drink – mine being a pinot grigio rose ;). It was a very nice day to be standing on the street corner with my lover and embracing the present moment in time. Anyway after a drink we felt hungry so went in search for a restaurant and found Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant. Blue ordered a beer and I ordered a passionfruit & hibiscus ‘mocktail’ (non alcoholic cocktail). It was so delicious, I still crave it now. The food was also very tasty, we ordered a mixture of smaller dishes between us. I never really try many foods other than those I’ve grown to love and was quite content living off for the rest of my life 😀 Ever since I’ve met Blue I’ve tried so many different things including food and I’m so glad that I did! Mexican is one of my new faves!

Collection of postcards
Collection of postcards

After leaving Wahaca feeling very full and in need of another rose and beer for Blue we found ourselves an old pub on the street corner. It smelt a bit funky but I didn’t feel uncomfortable there so we settled down with our beverages. Feeling rather tipsy after a few we decided it was time to head home. At this point I was very tired and the train journey felt like hell but we made it back eventually and headed to another bar for a drink before our bus arrived. I was that tired I went to bed 4 hours earlier than my usual time of 4am.

Sunday 16th

Waking up to a painful head and tired eyes I didn’t want to get out of bed. That was until I saw how beautiful the weather was outside 😀 Blue & I decided on a walk by the river and a picnic which was a great day out. We drove to Henley-on-Thames and enjoyed the warmth on our skin whilst eating hangover food and listening to summery songs.

Bridge over Henley-on-Thames
Bridge over Henley-on-Thames

I love spending time with Blue that I always hope it never ends. This weekend is definitely a memorable one for me so I thought I’d fill you guys in 😀 Hope you all had a fun weekend too!


9 thoughts on “Day Out at The British Museum

    1. It was lovely Sherri! I can only handle a big day out every few months but when we do go I love it 😀 Recharging this week though haha 😀 How’s life treating you, aspie D and the family? x x x x x x x

      1. Ahh, so glad. We are ok thanks my lovely. Aspie D has been through a bit of a downturn but that’s because she hasn’t been too well but doing better again now. You know how it is! Hope you are recharging and having a good week! Much love 🙂 xxxxxxxx

    1. It was great indeed! I have just realised I haven’t gotten back to your email yet! You will receive mail very soon my dear friend x

  1. Hi Maria! I’ve checked out your blog and I *love* it! You and I have a lot in common! Who knew that our interests in art, and now it seems, other things would follow out of a random meeting on Instagram! I suffer from depression and haven’t always felt especially understood by those around me. That’s what initially brought me into the world of art. A rotten day can be transformed by music, and a few bottles of ink for me more often than not! I’m sure I’ll enjoy following your blog! — Lynn/ IG: lfalkow

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