Go Apers!

I’ve never been the adventurous type. Roller-coasters are my idea of hell! I just can not handle anything that takes the control out of my hands. So the idea of Go Ape – a tree top adventure where you tackle a different obstacle between each tree whilst harnessed, seemed intriguing at the time. It was Blue’s birthday a few weeks ago and I planned a trip to Go Ape for one of his gifts.


Go Ape


When we arrived I started to get butterflies. I could see all these tricky obstacles up high in the forest and thought ‘oh my god, I’m never going to be able to complete this…..’ Anyway, Once we had parked up and joined the others to be trained how to use our ropes and pulleys I relaxed a little and thought to myself ‘actually it doesn’t look that bad..‘ Well, that was until I had to climb a wobbly ladder. I decided to go first as I thought it would be easier (later realising this was a bad choice). My heart was in my mouth and my body started to shake. It was only after completing two obstacles and clutching onto the tree for dear life that I started to feel the tree swaying slightly. That was it. I panicked and wanted to back out. I had to zip-line to the other tree and thought it was impossible. The only problem being…there was no way out. I cried unexpected tears and asked Blue what to do. If it wasn’t for Blue telling me I was able to complete it and guiding me through it I probably wouldn’t have gone through with it.

After landing perfectly at the other side I felt terribly silly. What a baby!

Finally the last obstacle being a nice and easy zip-line back to the forest floor. ‘Phew!’ Looking to my right I see the next zone to complete. The ladder seemed much taller and the obstacles much harder from the ground. I didn’t want to go on but, after seeing the disappointment in Blue’s face I had to go on. Deep down I loathed the idea. This time I let Blue go first so he could encourage me at each tree top and guide me through each obstacle from the other tree. Funnily enough I started to enjoy tip toeing over planks of wood and rope and crawling through wooden barrels in mid air. Once I zip-lined back down to start the next zone I was on a roll. All thanks to Blue.

The third zone was even higher up and seemed more daunting than it actually was. I was still clinging onto the trees but relaxed whilst finding my way to another tree. I thought this zone was the last and thought I had to go on to achieve my certificate at the end 😀 So after zip-lining down and getting wood chippings everywhere! I felt relieved it was all over.. But it wasn’t over just yet!

There was one more zone to complete. Although the obstacles were getting higher and higher my mind seemed to adjust to the height and my body started to trust the harness (yes, it took this long)! Blue & I raced through the last part and after flying into a rope net and feeling giddy, I really wanted to do it again. After zip-lining down for the last time I felt something I haven’t felt in a very long time – proud.

With the help of Blue and a lovely lady from the Go Ape staff I was able to fight my fears and continue on until the end. It was a strange day out. I thought it would be just a bit of fun but, it turned out to be a tough challenge for me. It tested me and gave me courage and bravery I never knew I had. I love my certificate so much and it will always remind me of the day I became strong. Blue was just amazing, he crossed each obstacle effortlessly which I later found out was for my benefit. He knew if he struggled I would panic so I can’t thank him enough for just being the best boyfriend I could ever ask for 😀


I would highly recommend going to Go Ape! It’s a great day out and definitely a memorable one. I would recommend comfy yet appropriate clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. If you’re scared of heights it’s still worth trying, it’s not that high and I never paid much attention whilst walking across the ropes 🙂 I’ve also left Go Ape with a new found confidence which has stuck and I really needed it 🙂 Good luck!


Go Ape website:   goape.co.uk


11 thoughts on “Go Apers!

    1. It was time for a change. I’m not ‘lost’ anymore 🙂 How’s life been treating you? I am very well thank you! Went to the British Summertime in Hyde Park yesterday, have only just recovered 😦 Off to Camden on Tues for another gig too. Wish me luck 😀

      1. you’ll be fine, am great, working, so not as much time to blog vlog and game etc, but its good to be working bringing some money in, shame about the life balance, trying to think of a way I can reduce my hours, but keep my wage this high, even if it is only by a few hours a week, tired all the time now

    1. Oh Daniel it’s been so long! How are you?! I am indeed 🙂 I feel like I’m back on top of everything. I found love and my passion for the things I loved before is back and I’m finally in control. Tell me what’s new, it’s been a while!

      1. Hi Maria! I’m fine, thank you. I’ve completed my PLC course and now waiting to see if I’ve been accepted into the next college course. You can check out the PLC artwork I’ve been making on my blog.
        It’s great to hear that you’re doing well, and good luck for the future too! 🙂

  1. Wow, you are really living life Maria. You give me hope for my daughter. She is still not doing anything outside the house and I wonder how she will ever be able to meet anyone and live a life as any young woman should. Still, she is happy enough in her bubble and we do what we can together and with her brothers too who come home as much as possible. She will be 22 next month! She is exercising and getting healthier and I’m very happy about that for her. But so happy for you and the new life you are living. A total transformation!
    I’ve awarded you The Butterfly Light Award and I also posted yesterday to thank you for The Leibster Award, not sure if you saw it or not. Congratulations lovely lady! Hugs to you.. Sherri 😀 http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2014/07/15/the-butterfly-light-award/

    1. Thank you Sherri! I can imagine this all seems daunting for you with D but she’s still young. When I was 22 I was in the exact same place, yet a year or so later I left that place. She’s so lucky to have you and her family to support her and in time she will gain confidence, I’m sure of it! What does she enjoy doing? Concerts? Whatever it is just try and encourage her to do these things & be patient I can reassure you she will start to enjoy herself.
      Exercising is great for the mind too! Deep down she wants change too and she has the strength to achieve this! I genuinely believe it just takes patience and being supportive every step of the way 🙂
      Thank you Sherri! I am loving life at the moment and you play a part in my happiness too 🙂 I always remember you being there. Thanks x

      Aww that is a lovely award! I haven’t checked my blog as Blue has been down for a week but will have a look now 🙂 Thanks for the award I will post soon x x x x

      1. You are so sweet and encouraging to me Maria, this means such a lot and really helps me. I do get so down at times worrying about Aspie D and how she is but reading this and seeing how far you’ve come I really do have so much more hope again. I”m also honoured to know that I played a small part in being there for you and I’m thrilled to know how happy you are now and to see all the wonderful things you get up to, haha! I’m still here and I know you are too…it’s great isn’t it to have met here and to be able to share in these times as we do? Blogging is amazing.
        Take good care of yourself and we’ll be catching up here and over on FB..have a great week my friend 🙂 ❤ xx

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