British Summer Time, Afghan Whigs & More..

The last week has been so much fun! Blue was down for 6 days and had planned some things to do whilst we had the time together. I have put together a little diary so it’s easier to read and will include some pictures. I do have some videos but I am too tired to go through the process of uploading to YouTube etc. I will post them up soon though 🙂



Saturday 12th July

Today we made our way to Hyde park in London for the British Summer Time festival. I’d never been to a festival before and going to gigs would be a bit full on at times, but I was in love with it! When we arrived it was very spacious so the crowds didn’t bother me as much, although it wasn’t too busy in the early afternoon. We had a look around and ordered ourselves a beer and explored a little before waiting outside the tent to watch Phosphorescent. Once inside, the place started filling up. It soon became a sweat box. It was definitely worth it though, they performed great live.

After departing the sweat-filled tent we made our way to the food stalls to grab food and some more beers. Considering the amount of people that had joined the crowds whilst we were hiding away watching the band, I felt very much at ease and enjoyed every second of just being there. We then sat down on the grass and relaxed for a while before The National were due to perform. After a few more beers I had lost count of how much I had drunk. I never drink beers usually so I obviously had no idea what my limit was.

Watching The National live was just astounding! There were so many people surrounding us and I did not care (probably due to the amount of alcohol I downed). They played a few of our favourite songs and sounded amazing live. So good in fact that we are already looking into booking tickets for their next concert. Anyway, after listening to them for an hour or so we headed back to the bar for more beer. *grits teeth* (I probably should have stopped there). And that’s when the rain started to pour. I love rain anyway so I embraced the fresh crispness of each drop 😀 It soon stopped so we walked back to get a spot outside to watch Neil Young.

I remember looking behind me to see thousands of people and it made me feel overwhelmed. In a good way that is. I never used to really like Neil Young as a child. Hearing my father play it too often I considered it oldies music :D. But Blue is a big fan so I got involved. The place was absolutely buzzing! People of all ages were in love with this man and his music. After a while a more pints later Blue & I were singing out loud along with thousands of other fans. I had never been to a place like it….Everyone was smiling, dancing, smoking and talking. It was electric. Blue thoroughly enjoyed watching it, so much so he insisted on singing in my ear the whole time 😀

When it was all over I wanted to rewind time and re-live it all! The journey home wasn’t a pleasant one though. Having to travel on the slow train back to Reading was my worst nightmare. The aspie in my kicked in. I nearly screamed for everyone to shut up a few times as the noise of everyone talking away could have killed me 😦 I had Blue asleep on me and the heat from his body made me feel even more sick. I was grateful to arrive home without vomiting and to close my eyes for the night.


Sunday 13th July

After a draining day the day before, Blue & I decided to laze around all day, only getting up for a drink. We relaxed and watched the World Cup final. Congrats Germany! 🙂


Monday 14th July

Today Blue & I traveled down to Christchurch. We decided to have a BBQ at the highcliffe beach. The sea was a colourful teal blue. It looked so therapeutic to look at and so inviting. We spent a few hours there then Blue drove me around Christchurch to show me the sights. I must say, Christchurch is another place I am in love with. Cornwall being the utmost greatest! 😉


Tuesday 15th July

Today we made our way to Camden in London. We explored random streets and Blue ate in the food market. I found the place somewhat intimidating. I think it was the difference of people and the amount of people crammed into tight places. I felt out of place and couldn’t really relax. After having a shutdown in the food market and leaving there I headed to a bar across the lock. We had drinks then made our way to another pub before attending The Afghan Whigs gig at the Electric Ballroom.

I personally wasn’t a fan of this band but attended it with Blue as he loves them. Watching them live was entirely different than listening to them on an album. I felt great and ended up loving watching them live. I also got the privilege of having Blue singing in my ear again and also got the opportunity to do our legendary shimmy dance without caring 🙂

The journey home wasn’t so bad this time. We had a fun night and couldn’t stop talking about it until we dozed off on the fast train back to Reading.


Wednesday 16th July

The final day with Blue. We ended up having a lay in and Blue felt worse for wear. I on the other hand felt pretty refreshed 😀 We decided to have an easy day out so we went strawberry picking. We did intend on producing a cheese cake but we just didn’t have the energy :).


Well that’s my busy week shared with you all! I have learned quite a lot lately about myself and life itself. I am now able to wander around a venue without panicking. May sound silly to some but I relied on others before and hated being left alone in busy environments. I also have learned to worry less about an upcoming event. It never ends up being how I imagined (unbearably bad) and I usually leave feeling great and confident. I have also learned to be a bit more empathetic and have also acted more maturely in tough situations. I am able to take the blame now rather than find someone else.

Oh, I am also writing this post in the middle of a thunderstorm and I’m not scared 😀 (I used to be petrified of thunder and lightening).


2 thoughts on “British Summer Time, Afghan Whigs & More..

  1. Looks like you had an eventful time.
    And great taste in music, I must say. Very very jealous about the National show. I still have not seen them yet.
    But glad to see you and Blue are living life with smiles and good music.
    Keep your head up!!!
    And keep posting.
    I salute.

    1. It was amazing Vernon! I’ve never experienced anything like it and all I want to do is attend more like this 🙂 Ahh The National were brilliant! I’m booking tickets to see them again now 😀

      Thank you 🙂 I’m very happy with Blue too and thankful for his musical taste. He’s introduced me to some decent bands.

      Will do, stay in touch!

      Peace & Light.


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