Introducing Vernon Herring..

Tonight I will be dedicating a post to a dear friend of mine, Vernon Herring.


Over the year he has always been there supporting me and always leaving encouraging words behind him. He has the warmest energy and has the time for everyone. I am still very grateful for all of those thoughtful phrases and pick me ups when I was really struggling. So to finally be able to help him out I am going to be linking some of his pages here for you all to view.

He has also very recently published a few stories and they are now available to read via Amazon. Here are the links:


A Story About Her

A Story About Her involves Elvis Sexton and Vincent Wayward, two strangers separated by time and distance. As their lives alternate chapters throughout the book, the reader dives headfirst into the life of Elvis, a guy who constantly questions his place in life as he struggles through his teenage years. About to go over the edge most of the time, he puts his faith and love in one thing that is most sacred to him, a beautiful yet fragile girl named Angel. Angel lives down the street from Elvis and even shares the same birthday as him. A real-life fairy tale love story involving two people who were meant to be together forever.



Drowning Skylight

51I0KtABphL._AA160_What would you do if you found out that the America you lived in was just a facade of propaganda set up by allied terrorist nations? What would you do if newspapers and television stations had been programmed by the national government to manipulate the locals into believing their ideologies? What would you do if some of the citizens, your very own family and friends, had been brainwashed by the government and even conformed to their proposed style of life? One person knew the answer to these questions and realized what he had to do. With no one else to turn to but his group of close friends, Nathan Sphinx decided to take things into his own hands and free America by becoming a homeland terrorist. By taking on the persona of something that was hated and feared by the general public, Nathan and his friends hoped to open the eyes of the people and turn America back into the land of old


So there are the books! I am already intrigued to read ‘A Story About Her’ and I’m sure Blue would be interested in reading ‘Drowning Skylight’. I would highly recommend checking out those links and taking a look inside the book, I am already eager to read on!

For the music lovers I will also leave a link to the Drowning Skylight band page. I am in love with their music! One of my favourite songs being Pillow Talk among many others πŸ™‚ Check the page and ‘like’ guys! πŸ˜€



Vernon Herring links:

Amazon – A Story About Her

Amazon – Drowning Skylight

Facebook – Drowning Skylight


2 thoughts on “Introducing Vernon Herring..

  1. Thank you so, so much for this post. I am eternally grateful and humbled by this blog post, especially coming from someone as talented and gifted as yourself. Your accolades and personal achievements in this life speak for themselves, and do not think for one second that they go unnoticed. You are touching lives and inspiring people through your own struggles, and I can honestly say I’m glad to have crossed paths with you in this lifetime. You have a big heart and can overcome any battle that comes your way. I know and believe this wholeheartedly.
    Keep your head up.
    Never lose hope.
    And always be yourself no matter what.
    Again, I humbly bow to your kind gesture, and I wish you the best in this life.
    You have gone out of your way for a complete stranger, and that shows and speaks a lot about you as a person.
    I’m glad to call you my friend.
    Again, thanks.
    Much love and light!


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