My Foster Dog – Victor

I’d like to introduce you all to my handsome foster dog Victor


I’ve had the pleasure of fostering this beautiful soul for the last month now. It all started with his previous foster mother having to work away and he needed a temp foster. So, I had him for a weekend and fell in love with him. Later on that week after handing him back, the rescue asked if I would like to foster Victor so Gertie (another beautiful senior staffy) could stay with Victor’s old foster to receive the appropriate treatment following an operation. That’s how I ended up with this bundle of joy.

The rescue believe this poor soul was found as a stray on the streets. He was a bag of bones when he arrived at the Senior Staffy Club but is now, after consistent feeds and loving care he is a healthy weight. He is roughly 12 years old, but believe me when I tell you guys, he doesn’t act his age! He has more energy than me! He loves playing fetch with his bouncy ball although he does try to bury it after a while (saving the best for later of course)..

There’s so many quirks to this loving bundle. He’s actually quite cheeky. He likes to run outside in the rain, only to run back in and get his luxurious towel dry after. It doesn’t stop there, after his dry he runs back outside AGAIN and I’m sure you know the rest 🙂 Another quirk of Victor’s is the toy hiding/burying. I’ll buy him yummy soft bones, only to find them hidden neatly at the bottom of my bookshelf or at the back of my wardrobe underneath a pile of clothes! I can’t help but laugh, he has so much character it’s so lovely to see.

He loves to get his belly being stroked and well, pretty much everything along with it too if you’re offering! He is also a very clever boy. He has learnt how to give his left and right paw (in as quick as minute) and the other basic commands are easy for this intelligent wise old soul. He isn’t so good with other dogs, which I can only imagine being because of past experiences. Luckily for Victor, my friend in the area is a dog behaviorist and is willing to encourage Victor in time, to socialise with dogs and relax more on walks. That still doesn’t change a single thing, he is still an amazing dog. Whoever adopts him will be so lucky to have him in their life..

In the short amount of time I’ve been looking after him, he has brought so much happiness and content to my life. I finally feel that I have something to wake up for in the mornings. I laugh more than I have in a very long time. His snuggles relax me and his presence is natural calming therapy which I’m sure everyone needs! If you or anyone you know of is thinking of adopting, please visit the Senior Staffy Club and check out the current dogs in their kennels. I’ve attached a few links to their website and Facebook if you could check these out.

Thanks for viewing 🙂

The Senior Staffy Club – Website

The Senior Staffy Club – Facebook


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