Aspergers & You (Questionnaire)

Over the weekend I visited my family and like always, my father and I had a discussion about life with aspergers and other topics relating to this. Although we both have been diagnosed, we are both very different people. We often clash because one of us wants to talk and the others wants to be alone or one of us is too loud for the other and causes disruption which leads to aggression and frustration.

Obviously we are similar in many ways too because of the autism. We both avoid eye contact with people we barely know, hate and avoid phone calls (even with each other) hate going to parties especially if we don’t know anyone, hate being centre of attention, lack empathy, have a very short fuse and being very particular about routines and rules in life.

Then there are the ways in which we are polar opposites. These include my father wearing tighter/thicker clothing like jeans etc whereas I won’t wear them or anything that isn’t a soft cool material. He is able to be assertive and tell a stranger to do something whereas I can’t speak to strangers sometimes. He can’t tolerate any change what so ever, so his house is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago whereas I don’t mind some change if it doesn’t have a bad impact or increase stress levels.

So, because of these differences I have designed a short questionnaire to get try and get to know my aspergians here a little better. I’d like to see how different we all are. There’s an obvious deep connection between us all but it’s a beautiful thing that we can still be different and break the stigma that the media portray of us having set traits and characteristics when we all vary.

Aspergers & You

  1. Are you able to hold eye contact? If so, does it come easily or is it forced?
  2. Do you like to dress in certain fabrics or a certain way?
  3. Would you say that you are a maternal person? 
  4. What are the hardest issues you find dealing with in everyday life?
  5. Are you able to drive? If so, does anxiety come with it or are you a relaxed driver?
  6. Do you have any phobias? 
  7. What’s your favourite hobby/pastime?
  8. Do you love animals? More than humans? 🙂
  9. Are you in a relationship or finding love? How’re you finding that?
  10. Do you dabble with alcohol or drugs to socialise easier?
  11. What do you dislike most about the society you live in?
  12. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? And why?
  13. What do you love about being autistic? What do we bring to the world?
  14. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? 
  15. What is most likely to disturb your senses?


Thanks for reading and I hope to see your responses!

Love & Light,

M. x


17 thoughts on “Aspergers & You (Questionnaire)

  1. Aspergers & Me

    Q1. Are you able to hold eye contact? If so, does it come easily or is it forced?

    A: Yes, but only for a very short period of time & it depends on the person. Sometimes I can only look at the eyeball from an angle, like from the side instead of directly in front of my face.

    Q2. Do you like to dress in certain fabrics or a certain way?

    Not really, but I’ve noticed that subconsciously I’ve developed a pattern of when I wear certain outfits.

    Q3. Would you say that you are a maternal person?


    Q4. What are the hardest issues you find dealing with in everyday life?

    Dealing with small minded people & assumptions, it drives me insane because I have a huge phobia of being misunderstood, which triggers severe anxiety attacks.

    Q5. Are you able to drive? If so, does anxiety come with it or are you a relaxed driver?

    Don’t drive.

    Q6. Do you have any phobias?

    Yes. Being misunderstood.

    Q7.What’s your favourite hobby/pastime?

    Sketching portraits.

    Q8. Do you love animals? More than humans?:)

    Yes. I love kittens 😸

    Q9. Are you in a relationship or finding love? How’re you finding that?

    Not in a relationship & not really looking, just what happens, happens. I am sometimes clueless about certain things though.

    Q10. Do you dabble with alcohol or drugs to socialise easier?

    No, but in a social event/setting I do walk around pretending to be too busy socialising to avoid talking to anyone aswell as avoiding looking like a sad lost puppy.

    Q11. What do you dislike most about the society you live in?

    Assumptions & lack of curiosity.

    Q12. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be? And why?

    I’d set up an underground society just for people with autism & adhd, there would be no one way to do things, everyone will be trained in their strengths and areas they’d like to work on. Everyone would be accepted & loved.

    Q13. What do you love about being autistic? What do we bring to the world?

    I love that I can see things that most people overlook & bring them to light, also being multi talented & humble.
    I think that we make the world aware of themselves, just our presence alone pushes people out of their own lives and comfort zones to see & experience things from a different perspective.

    Q14. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?


    Q15. What is most likely to disturb your senses?

    Loud noises
    Bright lights
    Cigarette smoke
    Slime(wear gloves to handle raw chicken before cooking it)

    1. Hi, thanks for the follow, nice to meet you! 🙂 I love your answers!! Especially our special underground society.. That would be interesting. Ahh yes! I love your thoughts on what we bring to the world..Spot on!

      Thanks for your input, love seeing other people’s views and getting to know my followers etc. Stay in touch!


  2. 1. I can, it feels unnatural and I generally have to look away/down for a bit and glance back at them.

    2. Whatever is comfortable, prefer loose clothing with soft fabrics/materials. Will “dress up” when leaving the house but quickly go back to “daggy” clothes when I’m home.

    3. Hard one, sometimes I am – and I am a mother. My son wasn’t planned, I don’t know that I would have planned to have a child TBH, but he’s a good boy and we have lots of family support so we’re lucky 😊

    4. Not having much if any needed “alone time”. My thinking has been in overdrive for the past year, and is even more so at the moment. Makes it hard sometimes to prioritise things.

    5. Yep, have been driving since I was 13 (country kid). I’m a good driver if I know where I am going, I am a stressed out abusive driver if I’m lost and I’m impatient with other drivers at times.

    6. Not really, I have things that make me uncomfortable but I wouldn’t call them phobias.

    7. Reading 😊 anything and everything.

    8. Not at all. Observing them maybe but they’d be the closest thing I have to a phobia I think.

    9. Not at the moment, still in love with my ex to be perfectly honest. We’re in regular contact but have too much going on at the moment to put the work back into a relationship, one day maybe.

    10. I did with alcohol for years, and by dabble I mean binge. I avoid it now.

    11. Australian society is divided at the moment over politics. The rich get richer the poor get ignored.

    12. I’m really not sure, maybe eradicate the hatred and fear. No more wars and a peaceful world sounds good to me.

    13. I’m finding that out 😊 I think Autistics bring vision, a different level of perception, I’ve read many enlightening blogs and articles.

    14. Fiction, as long as it’s well written. But I also do like inspiring non-fiction works and self-help books.

    15. High pitched noises, e.g. Screaming. 😬

    1. Lovely insightful answers, thank you Amy 🙂 I used to be the same with alcohol, I would rely on it heavily to socialise in certain situations. I enjoy fiction too aswell as non-fiction 🙂 All depends on my mood, I can happily get lost in a good story or learn about new things etc. What are you currently reading?

      And I most definitely agree with you about the high pitched noises lol especially screaming!!! Argh….. x

      1. You’re welcome 😊
        I’m reading Cold Mountain, but because I’ve seen the movie version I’m finding it hard to read the book 😬 I usually like to read the book first then watch the movie to see what they changed/left out – yes, I am one of those frustrating people who point these things out after watching it lol.
        Yes, my son’s tantrums are particularly difficult to handle at times when he screams 😬🙉 hoping he gets out of that habit sooner rather than later lol.

      2. Ooo I haven’t heard of that one, just done a quick search and looks v interesting! Let me know what you think when you finish 🙂 Same! I prefer reading then watching movie lol.

        Ahhh I don’t know how I’m going to cope if I have a kid 😦 I’m sure if it happens I’ll figure it out though haha! I’ve invested in to some earplugs already to help with my migraines (caused by sensory overload) and ear aches which actually help drown out high pitched noises and loudness so may be worth a try. Still able to hear things so you wouldn’t miss anything! 🙂 x

      3. What are you reading? I’ll let you know 😊. I think it’d have to be easier not being a single parent, so if you need alone time the other parent is there to take over … Well that’s how I imagine it would be lol. I never thought of ear plugs, I guess until recently I’ve never realised why the noises grate on me so badly 😬. I got migraines, sometimes just aura, for the first time in my life last year, it was not long after I started dating my ex, hmm I wonder if they were sensory related because there was no sort of “reason” for all of a sudden getting them. Interesting! Things to looks into 😃 thank you xx

      4. I’m currently reading The War is Dead, Live the War. It’s about the Bosnian war detailing life in concentration camps etc. Very interesting but heartbreaking ;( Oh yes I agree! I’ve said to my partner there’s no way I could bring up a kid alone and if he wanted a kid he would probably be doing more of the work etc because I have no idea what to do and I’m constantly tired anyway so god knows how I’ll ever cope! Lol. Parts of me like the idea of a kid but the majority of me doesn’t, it’s mainly for my partners sake to be honest. Yeah possibly! I was diagnosed with migraine with auras last year and this year my therapist reckons they’re related to my sensory sensitivities. So now I wear ear plugs like in the morning when the cars go past or people are mowing their lawns as it would set off a migraine before. Definitely worth looking in to because so many things factor into migraine triggers! We’re so a like it’s crazy lol xx

      5. Oh that sounds like a book I would read! I will check it out! I read so many books about babies and children whilst I was pregnant, still read a lot of how to articles, and rely on my Mum for a lot of advice lol. It’s tiring, kids siphon your energy and add it to their stockpile I think 😂. I haven’t had one for a while, now I’m more aware of myself and things I’ll have to keep note if I get one again and see if I can find the triggers, I really think it was stress at the time, I don’t handle it well at all! Maybe we’re just different nationality versions of each other 😃 lol xx

      6. Sorry for the late response, I went away for the weekend and have only just started to recharge! Yes it’s a very interesting read, can’t put it down! I’d be the same if I decide to have kids, I have no idea where to even start lol! Yes it helps to keep notes of triggers, I have had to do that in the past and has taken me years to relate autism with my migraines, in the sense of sensory overload. For example, normal traffic noises whilst I’m asleep can trigger my migraines, certain sounds, certain temperatures and lights etc. The list goes on!!! Haha I do agree 🙂 xx

  3. 1. I give eye contact to those that I feel need it. Or when I need the truth about an issue. Or when somebody needs a little compassion.

    2. I dress comfortably or to fit a certain situation. Never to impress.

    3. Maternal – I do take care of those that are close to me. Material – definitely not.

    4. Raising a kid in a split home and paying taxes to one of the most corrupt governments ever.

    5. I am able to drive, relaxed, and have found myself taking the slow lane more in my older years.

    6. Flying (haha, even though I love researching the ideas of time travel, Space Travel, wormholes, and Event Horizons, haha).

    7. Writing, playing music, going to concerts, sitting outside underneath the sky

    8. Animals are ok. Humans are ok too.

    9. I have remarried after making a vow to die alone many years ago. She is a childhood friend who has turned into my twin soul.

    10. I have been sober for many years now and life is clearer. (That’s not to say that I could not drown Russia with how much vodka I’ve drank in my life, haha).

    11. Taxes, crooked politics/government, the media, social acceptance, materialism, wasted money/grants on programs/policies that are useless, war, violence, hunger, etc.

    12. I wouldn’t change anything. Earth is a beautiful test. Simple as that. Sometimes I do wish I could have a planet to myself.

    13. I’m not autistic but I do like reading and being inspired by other people’s stories. 🙂

    14. Fiction.

    15. People with a sense of entitlement.
    Or when the scales of justice are imbalanced.

    Thank you for your time.
    Keep your head up in your journey.
    Never lose hope.

    1. Hey V, always happy to see your comments! How’s life treating you? Your thoughts are always welcome here you know that 🙂 I agree with your answers too, I also believe that earth is a test.

      I’m slowly improving just trying to be strict on myself. I’ll get there in the end..

      Love & Light always V!

  4. Very interesting questionaire Maria,here goes:
    1. In the past I have made contact for far too long with people and have gotten into trouble for staring at them.
    2. I’m basically a t-shirt and jeans person as I feel you can’t go too far wrong with that.
    3. Maybe a paternal person but having three children of my own had a lot of influence on that.
    4. Dealing with what I call ‘bull-sh*t’ happenings. When something happens that I don’t think is supposed to happen, then it can cause melt down.
    5. Yes and I hold a license in both the UK and US
    6. Not really but hold lots of general anxieties
    7. Walking and cooking and listening to music
    8. Maybe not more than humans, well some anyway but I do love animals.
    9. Married for 11 years
    10. I do socially drink but only because I choose to, not as any sort of enhancer.
    11. People’s cruelty towards one another.
    12. Add more tolerance to the world.
    13. The fact that I can sometimes see minute details that others may not.
    14. No preference but I have a liking for history what if’s.
    15. Not sure

    Hope this is what you’re looking for.

    1. Thanks for your input Michael 🙂 Yes very helpful actually, been constantly living in my own little bubble I just wanted to hear other’s views on life with autism etc. Hope all is well!

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