Scotland – July, 2016.

Luss, Loch Lomond.

Friday 8th July

Today we made our way to North Ayrshire in Scotland. I planned a short getaway to a cosy secluded cottage there for Will’s birthday. It was the perfect setting. Once we arrived we unpacked and headed for the hot tub in the garden. From there we watched the sun set over the fields and listened silently to the animals preparing for rest.

Saturday 9th July

Today we set off for Glasgow which was a 30 minute drive from the cottage. We started off visiting The Burrell Collection. This was an interesting trip which lasted around an hour. Could’ve been longer but we had so much to fit in. So we headed for The Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum after a bite to eat. This was by far, one of the best art galleries I’ve visited. There were so many different artists and exhibitions I could’ve stayed there for hours.

Whilst in the gallery I came across a famous Scottish artist/architect; Charles Rennie Mackintosh. His work was so appealing I decided to visit Hill House the next day to check out more of his work in an entire house. I also loved the Macdonald Sister’s work at the gallery  and later discovered that Mackintosh actually married Margaret Macdonald. There was plenty to see at Kelvingrove for all audiences, I would highly recommend if visiting Glasgow!

After visiting galleries, the next thing on my to see list was the Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis. We walked around the tomb stones, reading the inscriptions and taking in all of the beauty and all things different. It’s not something you see everyday and although I’ve seen documentaries on death etc relating to graveyards similar to a Necropolis, I’ve never actually seen the real thing. The Cathedral was also very stunning inside and very gothic looking. Beautiful stained glass as expected!

Once we finished checking out the Cathedral we took a short walk down the road to a beer hall for a drink. I’m not really keen on these sort of places due to sensory overload and it just not really being my thing but I insisted on going for Will as he loves a good beer hall and loves his ales.

We finished the evening with dinner at The Ship Inn, the oldest pub in Irvine. I ordered the cottage pie and Will ordered the haggis pie which I also tried and loved! I’ve always wanted to try haggis and I’m so glad that I did because it’s delicious and peppery just how I love food. After our tea we took a stroll by the beach which we both embraced. We both love the sea and now we live up North, miles away from any beaches, we took it all in and enjoyed every moment.

Sunday 10th July

Today we planned for more of a relaxed day so we headed for Loch Lomond. Along the way we stopped at the Hill House in Helensburgh which showcases Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald’s work. The house was beautifully designed with gorgeous indigo and pinkish toned tiling throughout. There were also a lot of symbolic floral designs around the house seen on the wallpaper, lights, and frameworks which expressed his fondness of gardening and purity. After exploring the house we finished with a pot of tea in the tea rooms and prepared for our trip to Luss.

From Helensburgh we headed for Luss, a pretty little village by the lake. From Luss you can see breathtaking scenery and feel at peace with absolutely everything. We walked by the shoreline watching dogs playing in the water, birds swooping from bush to pier for crumbs, tourists taking photos, boats floating silently in the distance and feeling a sense of appreciation for the present moment. We grabbed a hot chocolate and coffee and headed back to the car for our next stretch of the drive to the Falls of Falloch waterfall.

Driving from Luss to the Falls of Falloch was one of the best drives I’ve been on. Surrounded by steep hills, cliffs, waterfalls high above and beautiful shrines carved into huge stone blocks. There was nothing quite like it. Once we arrived at the car park we had to take a short walk in the pouring rain to the waterfalls. We had to then walk cross a metal pier specially designed for tourists to photographs. With wobbly legs I took a few photos then hurried away back to the car as I can’t stand the feeling of being wet and damp. A short drive away from the falls there is a pub called The Drovers Inn, well known for its ghostly sightings and taxidermy display. We decided to settle there for an hour to dry off and enjoy a hot beverage. The pub was dark and gloomy yet cosy and relaxing.

That evening we drove back to Glasgow for dinner at the Mother India restaurant. I would recommend this restaurant if you’re visiting Glasgow, it’s reasonably priced and the food is beautiful. To finish our evening we walked around the Kelvingrove park then went back to the cottage to retire to the hot tub and watch the sun set, yet again.

Monday 11th July

To complete our stay in Scotland we decided to take the scenic drive along the Galloway Tourist Route. We stopped off at Dumfries for lunch then headed for Caerlaverock castle. There were so many great photo opportunities on the way but I couldn’t stop and didn’t feel my crappy iPhone would do them much justice. The first thing I will buy when I get a job is a decent camera to start getting serious with my photography..

I really enjoyed our time at Caerlaverock castle, there was plenty to see and well worth the money we paid to get in. Whilst looking around I spotted some nestlings huddled in their nest hidden away in the crook of a doorway. This was probably the highlight of my time at the castle! After viewing the castle and the original castle’s ruins we called it a day and headed back home.

Since I’ve left Scotland I’ve had a serious case of holiday blues. Will and I both feel that we would love to retire here in the future or even sooner if the time fits. I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of seeing such beauty. I’m also glad that I was able to try haggis and got to see a few men in kilts; something I’ve always wanted to see in reality! I know there’s plenty more to try and see but there’s plenty of time to fit that all in 😉 I have also attached a gallery of images that I have taken from our time in Scotland, I hope you enjoy 🙂

M, x


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  1. crazy, I think my parents were there that weekend, but funny thing is I could have been too, but I didn’t want to go, would have been so weird if I was and you were

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