Hiking Through The Peak District

The Devil’s Arse (aka The Peak Cavern).

Around a month ago I decided to start hiking. We hiked up the Ilkley Moors some time before and thoroughly enjoyed it The steep walks uphill are sometimes exhausting but it’s well worth it when you can take in all of the beautiful scenery surrounding you and the views on top are the best part. So, after some discussion with Will, I decided to change my training plan at the gym and start doing uphill workouts to strengthen my legs and build up my stamina.

A few weeks ago we decided on taking a road trip to The Peak District. It’s roughly an hour (or less, depending on location in the park) to Castleton, so we packed a lunch and set off excitedly. It was raining so we took a wander around The Devil’s Arse first then started our hike up the peak. It was so peaceful, we were the only ones at the time tackling the steepest part of the peak so we were alone with the sheep and stillness.

Once we managed to finally get to the top we had a rest, ate an apple and walked up a further incline to explore the other side of the peak. We saw a valley running between us and another peak opposite with a dog running wild off the lead. The rain was getting heavier so we started to descend back down to the bottom. There were a family in front of us at this point and I was certain I would fall on my backside, but I managed to keep my balance (with the help of Will) and have to contain my laughter when a family member in front kept falling over!

That hike was so great that I couldn’t wait to try another peak. There’s always next time though!



Butterley Reservoir – The Peak District

Yesterday we hiked along the Butterley reservoir. It was quite a long walk with beautiful hills either side of us. We took Victor our foster dog this time as it wasn’t too hot for him. We walked around 3 -4 miles in total but without Victor it would’ve been more. There was so much more to see but with a senior dog, we didn’t want to push it!


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