Blogging Anniversary – 4 Years



Writing in diary’s is something I’ve done from a very young age. I’ve had so many journals and note books since then that have held some good and bad memories. Some of these I’ve kept to look back on and some of these had to be burned to rid of the past. It’s always been my sanctuary. Somewhere I can express my deepest, darkest thoughts and not be judged. Somewhere I’m able to vent my anger and question reality, humanity and everything in between. It’s all I’ve ever known. When I felt frustrated growing up in a world that I didn’t fit in to, I’d write in my journals to keep myself sane. It really was my outlet.

It’s been 4 years since I signed up to WordPress. I can’t believe it’s been so long! When I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome & ADHD I discovered forums. These forums helped me understand myself and piece together all of the missing pieces in my life which led me here. I started using WordPress after doing some research into the most efficient and easy blogging platform for writers. It’s the best decision I ever made.

I’ve met some amazing people here. Some of whom I still remain in contact with and some who have shown their presence briefly but taught me a thing or two along the way. I feel grateful to connect with so many different yet beautiful characters. I used to despise people. I felt betrayed by them all and found them strange. That was until I started blogging and realised there are so many people out there like me that understand and relate. The connection is something I’ll never lose. The connection is strong. I’ve learnt that not all humans are evil and horrible. I am slowly able to gain trust but it’s all baby steps.

There was a time a while back where I contemplated deleting this blog. I really had to think long and hard about it. Do I delete it, like I do with everything that I no longer commit to? Well, I didn’t and I’m so happy that I kept it up and running. I’ve had a few opportunities along my journey of blogging and writing which I avoided because of my lack of courage and commitment. It crushes me to let these opportunities go, but that’s the easy way out. I’ve had a few more opportunities crop up lately which I’m taking in to consideration and I’m really hoping I will commit to these.

Anyway guys, it’s been a pleasure meeting and getting to know you all. I hope you’ve had a productive week and a relaxed weekend!


Love & Light, always.


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