28.09.2016 – Piano Lessons


I’ve taken the plunge. I’ve booked myself in for piano lessons. I haven’t played in two years and I’ve decided that I’m ready to pick up where I left off. Playing the piano was something I found incredibly therapeutic. It kept my mind from wandering and kept the tension at bay. I love how soothing it sounds on the ear and I love practicing for days (sometimes with frustration) to finally play a melody so fluidly. One day I hope to find the courage to post videos of me playing but we shall see.

When I go through a bad bout of depression I lose all touch with hobbies. I slowly drift away from everything, everyone and anything that could possibly exhaust my mental energy. So, gone are the days when I think to myself that I will do something but don’t go through with it. Things are changing in my life for good, I really want this. I’m aware now that there may be obstacles but what could possible go wrong? It’s my life to live and I’m going to take control over it and finally enjoy it.



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