New Year, New You, Same Me


Every year it’s the same. A new year dawns on me and I sit there wondering what should I change and focus on, mainly because society feeds us with this idea of change and spending money on a gym membership. I can no longer stand the sight of a TV, it’s only a matter of minutes before an advert raving about a new fitness book/DVD is announced!

It was different this year. I had a rough couple of months leading up to Christmas with my gran passing away and my foster dog getting adopted. I couldn’t handle the change very well and went into a deep shutdown period for months. I’m balancing out again now and able to feel ecstatic that he’s gone to a forever home and slowly grieving with my gran. In fact I’ll be meeting my new Senior Staffy foster on the 18th Jan and I cannot wait! I’m also in the middle of planning a sponsored hike in the summer to raise money for the rescue I foster for so I’ll keep you updated when I have set up my GoFundme page!

When New Years Eve approached I didn’t set myself any physical goals. Instead I’ve been considering cancelling my gym membership because I feel lonely going alone and no longer find it fun or worthy of my time. To be honest with you, I’ve been feeling quite fearful of leaving the house alone lately. I’m sure it’s probably related to the grief I’ve felt lately and will discuss with therapist tomorrow. I’ve also been strengthening my mind over the last few years and will continue to do so. I will no longer force myself to take part in anything that I feel will cause unnecessary stress and will not be taken advantage of from anyone.

I’ve learnt that the length of time really is precious and has so many qualities. Nothing great can be rushed. Sometimes you have to put the work in to reap rewards but it’s worth waiting for. Time also heals and gives us the space to heal ourselves and grow as a person. Over the years I’ve also noticed that time just seems to whiz past and I often worry that I’ll waste/regret my time here so make sure you embrace it and find the greatness and achievement in each day.

Which leads me to this quote by The Dalia Lama taken from my little book of Buddhism:


Some of us will find great achievement by managing a day consisting of a few chores or facing the outside world when anxiety encourages otherwise and others will find great achievement by persisting in a job and progressing with their career or finally buying a house. I love how this quote expresses that we are all equal and every little achievement can be very different from one another but is something we should all feel proud of no matter how big or small..


7 thoughts on “New Year, New You, Same Me

  1. That quote can’t be more appropriate, thanks for sharing. Good to see you back Maria. I normally don’t make New Year’s Resolutions but I have decided to do something about my ever increasing middle.

  2. always good to end on a positive, I wasn’t particularly good in the end of the year either, but lots to look forward to this year!

  3. Sorry about your grandma passing. Losing anyone you love is hard. I lost my last grandparent over ten years ago and I still find myself thinking about them. Not in sadness but in peace. They will visit you in dreams and memories and hopefully we will meet them again in the Great Divide.

    Glad to see you are writing again and am appreciative about your paragraph about time. I needed to hear that this morning.

    I hope life treats you well and blesses you with balance, security, and comfort.


    Facebook – Vernon Herring (author page)

    1. Hi Vernon,

      Very long time no speak, have been thinking of you loads lately, hoping you’re enjoying life with your loved ones and embracing the light? Yes she’s in my thoughts and still struggle with it all but time will do it’s thing.

      Yeah, my mind had some blockage last year, I blame it on some pills I was taking for migraines, so I’m taking new ones and have noticed my brain’s sharp again so what a better time 🙂

      I will find you on Facebook again and will stay in touch.

      Love & Light to you always V!

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