Buddy Bear

I’d like to introduce you all to my new foster Buddy.


Buddy is a staffordshire bull terrier aged 8 years old. He was taken in by The Senior Staffy Club last year and was covered in scars with his ear also hanging off. Unfortunately it was discovered that he was used as dog bait. Luckily he was  safe and got his ear stitched back on and placed into foster as he didn’t cope well in kennels.

In mid April it was decided that Buddy would be leaving his foster to come and stay with me as she had to work away quite a bit. When Buddy arrived he was very excitable and wanted to explore all of the rooms. He settled fairly quickly and soon became acquainted with his comfy bed. In general Buddy will enjoy a snooze in his designated spot which tends to be by the front door here. Considering what he has been through he is ever so trusting. He thrives off appraisal and will happily obey commands.

A little about Buddy:

Buddy is like most dogs – he loves food. It’s become habit to put food out of reach and to keep the pantry door shut at all times. He will also try anything. I’ve had to move my bird feeding station a little higher as he’s already eaten the suet and seeds!

He’s very intelligent. Who said you can’t teach an old dog tricks? Well, Buddy learnt sit and paw in minutes. He’s currently learning ‘down’ and has done very well although sometimes his bottom stays in the air! He will listen to any commands and obey them. He soon realised that by throwing his Kong on the floor the treats would fly out!

He absolutely adores having his belly rubbed to the point that he will drop at your feet for one! He loves being stroked especially his belly, ears and face. He will sit perfectly still when being groomed too!

We discovered on our walk along the canal recently that he also loves to swim! He was tugging on the lead to go near the water so we put him on his long lead and off he went!

Buddy does have a little separation anxiety but he’s progressing with it and I can definitely see him getting more confidence and ability to be alone. He’s not keen on other dogs but will walk past them with no bother as long as they don’t pester him. He’s very strong on the lead but with some training he will walk OK.

He loves the garden bench! He has his own bedding on there so he can relax. He loves rolling in the grass and doing zoomies back and forth!

Overall Buddy is a very loving dog that just wants to some cuddles and affection. He’s easily pleased and will often snooze the day away out on the garden bench if the weather is nice. He enjoys chewing up the ball when playing fetch and loves to chase cats! He sleeps straight through the night with no issues. He fits into a routine but also likes to stick with that routine, he knows when we go walkies and will vocally express his eagerness to get walking 🙂


I’ve set up an instagram for the foster dogs that you can visit here: itsaseniorstaffieslife


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