The Versatile Bloggers Award 2016


I’d like to say a big thank you to a dear friend of mine Amy for awarding me with The Versatile Bloggers Award. I have been awarded with this before but I’m over the moon to be awarded again as I haven’t received one in years! So I’m going to happily accept and pass on.

So, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share the award on your blog
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Tag 1o bloggers bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated


Seven random facts about myself:

  1. I can watch a movie that I love, every day for weeks.
  2. I have a strong interest in astronomy and life in outer space.
  3. I currently foster a rescue dog called Victor.
  4. I love photography and enjoy taking scenic photos.
  5. I collect plants and ornaments.
  6. I use aloe vera for pretty much everything especially skin related problems.
  7. I love the sound of rain in autumn and love the sight of snow in winter.


The 10 blogs that I will be awarding this award to are:

  1. Anna Rose Meeds
  2. Peaceful Rampage
  3. That Awkward Kid
  4. John Coyote
  5. Harsh Reality
  6. Under Your Radar
  7. The Write Place
  8. Brotherly Love
  9. At Least I Have A Brain
  10. Madstoffa’s Crunchy House


The Butterfly Light Award Goes To…

I am over the moon to be awarded for The Butterfly Light Award by the beautiful Sherri.

Lately I have been living in the present time. I’ve paid no attention to my past whatsoever. Whilst in depression I constantly lived in the past and never let go of the things that brought me down. I always need answers to the point of obsession and it just didn’t stop. Anyway today I have tried to think of my past and how it makes me feel and I can honestly say it makes me feel nothing. It’s all forgotten.

There are some things I haven’t forgotten though out of choice. These things being the lovely people I have been so lucky to meet here on WordPress and especially one lady in particular – Sherri. Ever since we’ve been friends I have felt a strong bond between us. She is like my online mother. She helps me understand how my family may feel and I help her understand how her daughter may be feeling. Although we may not speak everyday, I know she is always there and I’m always here.

I am so thankful that you thought of me when awarded this sweet award. Thank you also for being a great friend that I cherish.

Butterfly Light Award


How I’m Spreading Light – Sharing my personal experiences and being completely open with you all 🙂 Also a shoulder to cry on..

Conditions For Accepting The Award

  1. You must write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them. You MAY NOT lump this award in with a batch of other awards.
  2. 2. You must individually name and re-award to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9999999 bloggers. You must let them know either personally with a comment on their blog OR a pingback (I’d suggest their about page)
  3. You must link back to Belinda’s blog either to OR
  4. You must write a short paragraph – Entitled either “How I’m Spreading Light” OR “How I’m A Positive Influence”
  5. Display Belinda’s lovely “Butterfly Light Award” badge on your blog.


Here then are the wonderful bloggers I’m nominating  for the Butterfly Light Award, and many congratulations to you all!

  1. The Art Frog
  2. Anna Rose Meeds
  3. Pensive Aspie
  4. The Why About This
  5. kushtrimthaqi
  6. Peaceful Rampage
My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness – Dalai Lama

The Liebster Award Goes To…

Liebster Award

Hey people! It’s been so long since I last posted *deep sigh*. I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks about my blog. I have been trying to decide whether to delete or keep. I’m not sure if it’s because I feel like I’m on my way out of that dark place now and the thought of looking back through previous posts will bring me down… But I’ve come to the decision of keeping it. It’s a part of me and who I was and who I have become.

Anyway after having a check through my blog just now I realised I had been awarded The Liebster Award by the lovely Chris Wilson a few months ago! I am so sorry Chris that it has taken me a few months to respond! Thank you so much for awarding me and thinking of my blog. Although I am unsure of whether I am depressed right now I know it doesn’t just disappear and can reappear at any time. But one thing I do know for sure is that I am always happy to help anyone going through a similar thing and will try to give decent advice from my own experience.


So, now I will get started with the questions Chris has asked me:

  • 1. The three words you would use to describe your blog?

Insightful, Passionate & Honest.

  • 2. What drove you to start your blog?

Well, it all began a few years ago when I was at weakest and I was searching the internet for ‘answers’ and stumbled across a mental illness awareness blog which inspired me to create my own blog.

  • 3. Do you believe there is a cure for mental illness?

This is a very tough question. I do believe there is a way out of the darkness. I’m not sure so much about a cure though. I personally have never reacted well to medication and have never liked the idea of relying on medication to phase me out of my own reality. Taking a pill which blurs the problem isn’t necessarily ‘curing’ the problem that is still underlying there. I personally tried therapy which didn’t help much either. The greatest help I found was stepping out of the picture and looking at my life and the things that made me unhappy or uncomfortable with my own life and trying to fade them out and focus on the things that did make me happy. I also found the support from friends that I finally let in and help worked wonders and also finding love in someone who truly wants the best for me has nearly cured me.

  • 4. Can mental health sufferers help others in the community to understand mental health problems?

When the time is right for those that are suffering to talk then yes, I believe they could. Although saying that, I have learned to be more empathic towards others and with doing this I have learned that, like myself, it’s not always easy to understand something you personally have never gone through. I personally feel that I could probably help others understand my past now that I’m not at my weakest anymore rather than being depressed and trying to get my point across.

  • 5. Which treatment have you found most beneficial?

Talking to people. Actually opening up to those you feel you can trust and releasing your fears, anger, frustration and the many feelings and emotions we feel along the way to someone who wants to listen. Being around animals. Spending time with nature and finding yourself. Reading books!

  • 6. Do you think mental illness should be regarded within society as an “illness”, a “disability”, or as an “opportunity” to understand other ways of thinking?

I have to say ‘illness’. The society I live in or the world how I see it, can be ignorant. Depression to me is an illness and it did affect my mind and my soul. I was unable to function or think rationally about anything. I couldn’t focus on anything but myself. I lost all care for my own life and couldn’t focus on daily tasks or work. People around me saw life differently to me so when you’re not capable of working a days work because you are mentally and physically unable to, that can seem strange or even a poor excuse to those that do work. So my answer is a mental illness should be regarded an illness within society, but to the sufferer, they can regard it however they like as they are the ones living in the dark.

  • 7. Do you feel any positives can be drawn from such conditions. If so, what positives?

Of course! Until you experience the worst you can’t appreciate the best. It may sound strange but I appreciate people more. Having asperger’s syndrome life was like a big role play growing up. I mimicked a life I dreamed perfect. I wasn’t myself. I now see people that are happy and they remind me that I can smile too and I also see people that are sad and that reminds me I have been there. I appreciate their struggle and pay a few moments thought to them. I also notice the change in my lifestyle. Just being able to talk to people and do new things without feeling sick is one of the many positives drawn from depression.

  • 8. Do you feel that the gap between sufferers and non sufferers can ever be really bridged?

At this moment in time I feel that it can’t but, I also am very open minded and anything can happen. It all depends on the human and their own selfishness.

  • 9. Do you have any survival or remedial tips to pass on to anyone?

Yes. Things change. We grow and expand excessively in life. Somewhere in us there is strength. It may take a while to find it but I promise you it is there. There is no quick way out, so don’t put yourself down about being in the situation you’re in. In time you may be in a different place and you may not feel the same way.

Don’t let your mind control you! The mind is a precious thing but also very destructive. There are plenty of self help books out there to read and gain a better understanding of your mind and how it works.

There is always a way out – to those who see no light. You can feel so alone and life paints a black picture but there is help out there. I will attach some links below to some helplines for those that are not breaking through.

If you have the money, get yourself a cat or dog! 🙂

  • 10. What keeps you going when times are tough?

My family, friends and boyfriend. I used to be so closed off that no one could get through but when I have a bad phase now I go over to my friend Michelle’s for a coffee and a cry. Then we sit and talk and I forget about it all. I also call or text my boyfriend to warn him that I’m not happy at that time and he is always supportive. I also have two dogs which have always kept me sane throughout my entire life. Being aspergic and being able to communicate better with animals they have always managed to settle me after a meltdown.


  • 11. Try and complete the sentence… Tomorrow I can, Tomorrow I will…..

Tomorrow is a new day. Excuse my bland imagination tonight! 😀


Now I give you 11 random facts about me:

  1. It’s taken me 24 years to understand friendship and appreciate genuine friends.
  2. I love water, being in water, hearing water, being near the ocean, seeing the ocean, hearing the ocean – you get the picture?
  3. I bond better with animals than humans.
  4. I always dream of UFOs taking over the world *clenches jaw*.
  5. I hated trying new foods until I met Blue.
  6. I love gardening and find it therapeutic.
  7. I love fantasies.
  8. I used to be quite selfish until now.
  9. I’m not an adrenaline junkie but have started to enjoy pushing myself to my limits.
  10. I lack self control.
  11. I burned all my diaries whilst going through depression. Something that I now regret deeply.


My questions for you:

  1. What inspired you to write a blog?
  2. Does your blog play an important role in your day-to-day life?
  3. What are your favourite words and why?
  4. Is there anything you are currently seeking, whether it be love, ambition, self awareness etc.?
  5. What would you like to achieve before you die, so you leave contently?
  6. What is your favourite book and why?
  7. If you could make one change to the world, what would it be?
  8. Tell me something you are passionate about..
  9. What is the scariest/hardest thing you’ve had to do?
  10. Where do you think we go when we die?
  11. If you had to choose between a ticket that gave you unlimited flights/ferries to any country you desired for the rest of your life or a bag of money worth £100,000,000 which would you choose and why?

I’m intrigued to hear from my followers (nominated or not) what your answers would be, so feel free to comment yours here too 🙂



  1. Anna Rose Meeds
  2. Green Embers
  3. aspiesooz
  4. sherrimatthewsblog
  5. goblinsnephew
  6. Petrossa
  7. Ker’s Corner
  8. pink jumpers
  9. The War In My Brain
  10. boy with a hat
  11. at least i have a brain


Thanks for reading!

Shining a Light in a Dark World – The Lighthouse Award

The Lighthouse Award

After a depressing day yesterday, posting this blog award has brightened my day. My intention was never to blog to gain attention or to boost my own ego. In fact, I had no idea how or why I started. I think it all started when I was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome and ADHD. I remember feeling relief after the diagnosis but after seeing my doctor I felt let down. The first thing I was offered was Ritalin for the ADHD (which I declined). There was not one word about me just being diagnosed with bloody asperger’s!

So I went home and started looking into forums again for help and advice.  I still didn’t feel satisfied and felt that I had a name for something I didn’t actually know much about. That’s when the blogging started. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know I’d meet this many people or relate to half as many. I used the blog as an online journal which after some months gave me some followers with depression or autism in common.

I have found that, over the past year I’ve learned so much more about asperger’s syndrome and myself. I learned about stimming, echolalia, meltdowns, shutdowns, exhaustion, sensory overload and more! All of these things I deal with and had no idea that they were actually down to the asperger’s. I have also met so many inspiring people here that have been a great help. Some have brightened the light over my path and some have been great friends to me and showing me support when I really needed it.

I didn’t realise that, by opening up about my life and how asperger’s syndrome and ADHD affects me, I would be helping others just like they were helping me. I have always found it hard to open up to anyone, I mean living behind a mask for the majority of my teenage life never made it easy. Since I’ve been on WordPress I’ve realised I can be open and people will not judge me or find me pathetic as many have been in this position before. So I thank you all for being supportive and open minded and making my life here in the blogging world a great joy. It’s been wonderful 🙂

I must thank Sherri for everything she has done for me. Lacking empathy isn’t something I think about often, but after speaking with Sherri and finding how much I have in common with her daughter Aspie D and how much she has in common with my mother dealing with me, we have built a strong connection. I have now realised that I must make my parents feel awkward and stressed a lot of the time (especially my mother). I also know that we take our anger out on those we love the most..probably because we know we are safe to meltdown with them around and they would never leave us stranded or lonely. I have learned so much from Sherri, just hearing her side of the story and giving her mine is enough to ease her worry over Aspie D.

The rules and guidelines for The Lighthouse Award are:

  • Display the Award logo on your blog
  • Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Inform your nominees of their nominations
  • Share three ways that you like to help people
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate

I honestly can’t say three ways that I like to help people. Put it this way, if I see someone that needs a helping hand I’ll give it. If someone asks for my help I’ll do all I can to help and if sending positive thoughts to those in need are one then there are my three.

So here are my warriors of light that I will be nominating:

  1. Anna Rose Meeds
  2. That Awkward Kid
  3. Aspie Story
  4. aspermama
  5. Life On The Moon
  6. My Autistic Life
  7. Patient Anonymous 
  8. Peaceful Rampage
  9. pushtoshove
  10. Aspergian

Everyone please check out these insightful blogs and that is it for tonight folks 😀 I have been meaning to watch A Clockwork Orange for weeks since Blue lent it to me, so tonight I shall 😀

Seven Blog Awards Goes To…

Today has been a great day..

Like most Wednesdays I woke up feeling recharged and ready to take on the weekend with Blue. I’ve been bouncing off the walls with excitement as I get to see my love tomorrow 🙂 I’ve managed to prepare everything so I have little to do tomorrow and can relax whilst getting ready. So I come online to check on my blog and see a pleasant surprise….

This amazing and beautiful woman Sherri Matthews has awarded me with not only one blog award, but seven of them in one! I feel like today could not get any better 🙂 I love that feeling of accomplishing something and having been out of work for a few years now the only achievements I really make are from blogging, so it’s always a pleasure accepting these awards..

I’d love it if you could all pass by my dear friend Sherri’s Summerhouse and enjoy the view. Over the past year I’ve developed a strong bond with Sherri. She reminds me of my mother in so many ways. We often share experiences and realise along the way how much we have in common (dealing with aspies). Her blog is very insightful and reminds me of an artsy scrapbook..full of beautifully written poems, posts and pictures. So please guys, if you have the time check out her blog and I promise you will leave satisfied 🙂

Here they are , the seven awards:

Here are the rules for the Seven Awards:

  • Display the logo on your sidebar
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 (or so) bloggers for this award
  • Notify the nominees of their nominations

Seven facts about me:

  1. I own two dogs called Marley & Chi
  2. I like quirky objects
  3. I have never been in love until now..
  4. I enjoy all genres of music ranging from classical – heavy metal
  5. I love exploring abandoned buildings at night
  6. I live by black & white yet I analyse everything as it can’t be black & white
  7. I have no obsession with celebrities

I nominate..

  1. Aspie Story
  2. ThatAwkwardKid
  3. Anna Rose Meeds
  4. Fairytale Epidemic
  5. Ryan Hendry
  6. Friendly Fairy Tales
  7. Petrossa
  8. Green Embers
  9. kushtrimthaqi
  10. Donavan Wallace
  11. Linda Mad Hatter
  12. Aspermama
  13. Peaceful Rampage
  14. OwlMcCloud
  15. thebreakdownoftaboo

And that is all for tonight folks 🙂 Please check out these blogs here as they are all great and unique.

LindaMadHatter Jesters Award Goes To..



After an eventful weekend I am quite glad to be back home. I haven’t been able to post over the last few nights as I’ve been preparing for my stay in London. Now is the only time today I’ve had to myself, and although I miss Blue, I am happy to have some time to relax and be alone 🙂

The other day I was nominated for this sweet award by the lovely Linda Mad Hatter and love how personal this award can be. If you could take a little time to check out her blog, I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂


If you receive this award, it is polite to pass it on, however there are no firm and fast rules here.  Please also feel free to post recipients below (and the reason for their award, if you are so inclined to share), so we can all check them out :)


  1. Sherri Matthews – Sherri is a strong woman I am so glad to have met here on WordPress. Her posts are very insightful and understandable. She has been very supportive to me, her heart is made of gold 😉
  2. Anna Rose Meeds – Anna has shared a lot of my journey also and has always inspired me. Her progress is just amazing and she gives me hope that I can too. A lovely lady with a pure soul x
  3. Aspie Story – Darren was one of the first to welcome me to the world of blogging. A very creative guy that uses his imagination to create eye catching videos and take great photos.
  4. Green Embers – Bradley has always kept my spirits high and made my life feel less ‘pointless’. He writes awesome book reviews and always has a story to share.
  5. FairyTaleEpidemic – Britt has the most eye catching blog I’ve seen in ages! A lovely lady who has always shown her support. It’s always appreciated 🙂

Thank you all for the ongoing support 🙂

Awesome Blossom Award Goes To…


Growing up I never paid too much attention to flowers. My most vivid memory takes me back to my adventurous years of building dens and camps in the woods, I can still remember feeling mighty and strong carrying logs to our ‘base’. Along with these memories I can remember a deep blue/purple splatter across the woodlands – bluebells. 

Over the last few years I have paid more attention to the pretty things around me. I started to notice the change in seasons and the different animals that appear, the growth in flowers and the colours of leaves. People can lose themselves in time, they may never see the flower bloom and grow into something beautiful. Yet those who appreciate each day can see those slightest changes, like a flower slowly blossoming. It’s these little things that make me realise life is too short and no matter how long we wait for a tree to grow or a flower, just seeing it grow daily is enough to be grateful. It’s enough to live each moment fully. 

I would love to thank Anna Rose Meeds for nominating me for this beautiful award and always having me in her thoughts 🙂 She is an amazing lady and I am so grateful to have someone like her in my life 🙂


There were not exact rules for this award.  Thus, I decided to nominate eight other blogs for this award.  Each blogger I mention displays beauty, growth, strength, and grace in their posts.  Thank you for taking the time to be an awesome gardener and flower instead of a grass blade or dirt.


  1. Sherri Matthews
  2. That Awkward Kid
  3. Paris Carter
  4. hastywords
  5. Green Embers
  6. Kristen Hope Mazzola
  7. Life On The Moon
  8. Linda Mad Hatter