Buddy Bear

I’d like to introduce you all to my new foster Buddy.


Buddy is a staffordshire bull terrier aged 8 years old. He was taken in by The Senior Staffy Club last year and was covered in scars with his ear also hanging off. Unfortunately it was discovered that he was used as dog bait. Luckily he was  safe and got his ear stitched back on and placed into foster as he didn’t cope well in kennels.

In mid April it was decided that Buddy would be leaving his foster to come and stay with me as she had to work away quite a bit. When Buddy arrived he was very excitable and wanted to explore all of the rooms. He settled fairly quickly and soon became acquainted with his comfy bed. In general Buddy will enjoy a snooze in his designated spot which tends to be by the front door here. Considering what he has been through he is ever so trusting. He thrives off appraisal and will happily obey commands.

A little about Buddy:

Buddy is like most dogs – he loves food. It’s become habit to put food out of reach and to keep the pantry door shut at all times. He will also try anything. I’ve had to move my bird feeding station a little higher as he’s already eaten the suet and seeds!

He’s very intelligent. Who said you can’t teach an old dog tricks? Well, Buddy learnt sit and paw in minutes. He’s currently learning ‘down’ and has done very well although sometimes his bottom stays in the air! He will listen to any commands and obey them. He soon realised that by throwing his Kong on the floor the treats would fly out!

He absolutely adores having his belly rubbed to the point that he will drop at your feet for one! He loves being stroked especially his belly, ears and face. He will sit perfectly still when being groomed too!

We discovered on our walk along the canal recently that he also loves to swim! He was tugging on the lead to go near the water so we put him on his long lead and off he went!

Buddy does have a little separation anxiety but he’s progressing with it and I can definitely see him getting more confidence and ability to be alone. He’s not keen on other dogs but will walk past them with no bother as long as they don’t pester him. He’s very strong on the lead but with some training he will walk OK.

He loves the garden bench! He has his own bedding on there so he can relax. He loves rolling in the grass and doing zoomies back and forth!

Overall Buddy is a very loving dog that just wants to some cuddles and affection. He’s easily pleased and will often snooze the day away out on the garden bench if the weather is nice. He enjoys chewing up the ball when playing fetch and loves to chase cats! He sleeps straight through the night with no issues. He fits into a routine but also likes to stick with that routine, he knows when we go walkies and will vocally express his eagerness to get walking 🙂


I’ve set up an instagram for the foster dogs that you can visit here: itsaseniorstaffieslife

Fur-ever Victor


Let me tell you a little about my furry friend Victor and how he makes me happy.

I’ve been fostering Victor for around 3 months now and I’ve loved every minute of it. He’s a quirky character and really doesn’t act his age of 12. Everyday he wakes up around noon and if the sun’s made an appearance, he’ll trot outside and bathe in it. Once he’s had a nap outside with the breeze blowing through his fur I’ll start up the hose and give him a shower to cool off. At first he wasn’t too keen and tried his hardest to bite the water! but it was all worth it for his love of rub downs with a soft towel. I’ve never seen a dog love being towel dried so much! He adores it.

One of the things I love most about Victor, is his love of certain treats and toys and hiding them. I’ve bought him lots of bones and chewy treats that he will sniff and walk away from. Yes, I found this strange at first but soon discovered that he would be walking away to find a decent hiding place for them, then come and collect the toy and hide it. What makes me laugh the most is finding his toys and bones hidden in the strangest places I never would’ve thought a dog would be able to hide it in. I’ve found them tucked right at the back of my bookcase, hidden under the rug, hidden at the bottom of the pile of clothes in the wardrobe and shoved inside my shoes! 🙂 I can’t help but smile every time I come across one..

Victor is a very intelligent dog. He was able to communicate with me as soon as I started fostering him. He will stand by the back door if he wants to go toilet, stand by the front door if he’s wanting his walkies, stand by his food bowls if he’s hungry and nudge the living room door if he decides he’s not ready for bed and wants to join me and watch some TV before bed. He’s a quiet dog in general, doesn’t bark when we leave him alone in the house or when someone knocks the door but he will bark if he gets impatient when playing fetch 🙂  Oh, and he does like to have a sing-a-long during long car rides so be sure to pack some ear plugs 🙂

One of Victor’s favourite things in the whole world is going on his walkies. He loves to sniff his surroundings and explore new places. He doesn’t like being too close to other dogs  (mostly dogs off their lead) so we avoid walking directly next to one if we can. Don’t let this put you off though, after a week or two of walks you will trust each other and understand his boundaries. Every walk is easy with Victor and other dogs are usually easily avoided. We’ve taken him to the Ilkley Moors and we really struggled with the hills yet Victor raced up them with no signs of slowing. When we stopped halfway for some lunch and treats he would lie down in the grass then roll down the hill! We found it so funny that he would roll down and run back up and roll back down again 🙂 He’s full of personality and it’s beautiful to see.

Now, I can’t stress enough just how much Victor loves his sleep. He’s quite the snorer too 🙂 This old boy can sleep for hours and doesn’t like his lay ins being interrupted. If he does get woken up early he can be quite a grumpy old chap but don’t take it to heart, he’ll still love you. If you do get the privilege to catch Victor doing a grumpy, just give him his space and he’ll soon come over requesting some cuddles and a belly rub!

So, I’d like to finish by asking you to please consider adopting Victor. He really is a gentle, wise old soul with plenty of years ahead of him. He loves an adventure and loves people. He really is the best companion you could ever hope for and whoever does adopt him in the future, really won’t regret their decision..

Lots of lub,

Victor & Maria (Foster mummy)

My Foster Dog – Victor

I’d like to introduce you all to my handsome foster dog Victor


I’ve had the pleasure of fostering this beautiful soul for the last month now. It all started with his previous foster mother having to work away and he needed a temp foster. So, I had him for a weekend and fell in love with him. Later on that week after handing him back, the rescue asked if I would like to foster Victor so Gertie (another beautiful senior staffy) could stay with Victor’s old foster to receive the appropriate treatment following an operation. That’s how I ended up with this bundle of joy.

The rescue believe this poor soul was found as a stray on the streets. He was a bag of bones when he arrived at the Senior Staffy Club but is now, after consistent feeds and loving care he is a healthy weight. He is roughly 12 years old, but believe me when I tell you guys, he doesn’t act his age! He has more energy than me! He loves playing fetch with his bouncy ball although he does try to bury it after a while (saving the best for later of course)..

There’s so many quirks to this loving bundle. He’s actually quite cheeky. He likes to run outside in the rain, only to run back in and get his luxurious towel dry after. It doesn’t stop there, after his dry he runs back outside AGAIN and I’m sure you know the rest 🙂 Another quirk of Victor’s is the toy hiding/burying. I’ll buy him yummy soft bones, only to find them hidden neatly at the bottom of my bookshelf or at the back of my wardrobe underneath a pile of clothes! I can’t help but laugh, he has so much character it’s so lovely to see.

He loves to get his belly being stroked and well, pretty much everything along with it too if you’re offering! He is also a very clever boy. He has learnt how to give his left and right paw (in as quick as minute) and the other basic commands are easy for this intelligent wise old soul. He isn’t so good with other dogs, which I can only imagine being because of past experiences. Luckily for Victor, my friend in the area is a dog behaviorist and is willing to encourage Victor in time, to socialise with dogs and relax more on walks. That still doesn’t change a single thing, he is still an amazing dog. Whoever adopts him will be so lucky to have him in their life..

In the short amount of time I’ve been looking after him, he has brought so much happiness and content to my life. I finally feel that I have something to wake up for in the mornings. I laugh more than I have in a very long time. His snuggles relax me and his presence is natural calming therapy which I’m sure everyone needs! If you or anyone you know of is thinking of adopting, please visit the Senior Staffy Club and check out the current dogs in their kennels. I’ve attached a few links to their website and Facebook if you could check these out.

Thanks for viewing 🙂

The Senior Staffy Club – Website

The Senior Staffy Club – Facebook