Sometimes it really doesn’t matter who’s around. Those that surround you and love you are lost elsewhere in thought. The drive that was once lived for slowly slips away into a memory. Everything becomes unnecessary and nothing satisfies. The eyes are no longer able to hold the gaze, no matter how starry the midnight skies. The smile starts to hurt the more that it’s forced. Words spoken are repeated continuously with no content. Shoulders bear the weight of a thousand worries and pains in the chest exhaling each. and. every. breath. Knots form in the stomach at the hands of constant betrayal. It’s never forgotten. Some days it’s easy to pull yourself together and other days it’s a question of how far your feet can carry you..

She’s Powerless

Art by Australian artist Margarita Georgiadis
Art by Australian artist Margarita Georgiadis

With the deepest sympathy, she tears through her battered armour

With the deepest regret, she whimpers at the sight of life that oozes

Everything around her erodes and falls at her feet

Nothing left. Just a sigh of defeat


With every breath that leaves her lips, she blinks away the misery

With every erratic thought, she plots a quick escape

 She’s a concoction of negativity and inadequacy

Hoping to leave this place quietly




The fierce gush takes her shallow breath

Leaving her helpless, confused and dazed

As the aggressive wave seals her fate

Her ears hear no more and her eyes start to glaze


Waking up in a abyss of turquoise tones

She floats and tastes of salt

Soaking up the exhilarating feeling of being alone

Yet curious of this brutal assault


The beam of light is too high to reach

Like every goal in life she failed to climb

If only her shitty existence was spent on beaches

Isolation and suffocation will do in the mean time


With no hope of resurfacing she can only dream

A darkness looms over her

Her heartbeat slowly fades out, she screams

Bubbles escape and leave her struggling after

-Maria Series.

A Slow Dance

the slow beautiful riff wakes me from a misty reverie

and it’s him that I see, the release, now free

falling back to earth, into his blanket of calm

grey pebbled shores and sea lights

surround me, inviting me along for the mystery


the world around us starts to swirl into a kaleidoscope of colours

gazing deeper into blue eyes, leading the way, stepping in squares

a soft melody takes over our entwined minds and encourages

our bodies to sway, into the pink night, Shepard’s delight

the darkness makes an entrance, the story ends


the dawn chorus causes her to stir from a forgotten dream

for a moment she lays peacefully, thanking the sun

for a beautiful day and a perfect love so precious

wishing for infinite time and light along their path

 until their hearts can beat no longer


– Maria Series.

19/12/13 – Outcast

There’s a million words I want to say to you..
A thousand images seen through dark eyes..
There’s no way of letting you know these thoughts that confuse me
And risking the world for a fucked up day or two

You know you mean so much to me
It pains me to be so speechless
Everything I wanted to express to you
Binds me, holds me hostage leaving me black and blue

Take these tangled emotions and straighten them out
Give me a clearer insight in to your mind
It’s all so bold and there yet….
I can’t paint this picture of it

My mind can’t take this tonight
A constant feeling of claustrophobia
Holding me at arms length
Expecting me in my flaw and glory

It’s all black and white to me baby..
One minute I know..
The next I don’t..
And at this moment, I know it’s going to be great

Join me on this mental fuckery
I promise I’ll never leave
All I can give you is honesty
And faith that you can always count on me..

Nights like this could abuse me
Alone with insecure thoughts and
Yearning to be intoxicated
Just to break free

Deep in my heart I know you’re there
10,000 miles away yet still here
Without you I’m not so strong
Tests of time, just not too long

I wish I could wash these thoughts down the drain
I wish I didn’t doubt myself and those around me
You’ve made me the happy
And I’ll do all I can until I die to make you feel the same way

Love & Symmetry


In this beautiful daydream my body sways gracefully

Floating out deeper into your embrace

Unable to understand why

I’m feeling this way

With you..

It’s perfect symmetry

I’ll forever be trying to figure out

Reasons behind these indescribable feelings

In the mean time I’ll stay in this beautiful state of dream with you


Thought Tied


She sees a cocktail of letters

 Lust, Love and Hope

 And a pinkish haze of smoke where they collided

Feeling her way around

Locking Hands

Not ever wanting to let go

Able to look into his eyes she falls

Deeper and Deeper

Into the beautiful world she’s eager to share

Closing her eyes she hears his melody

Strums of Guitar Strings

Imprinting her ear drums permanently


Assembling the letters in her mind

Spelling Out

A sentence full of U’s and O’s with you

Connecting her face to his

She Feels

An intimacy she never witnessed

Besotted with his stare in that moment

Under A Spell

 She’s unable to reverse

Opening her eyes to a pretty world

Seeing You

In her life and future